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What is GrayStar Innovations?

GrayStar innovations is a special FX studio, specializing in robotics, animatronics, and real life, functional, and wearable artwork, along with illustration and 3d Design.

What are your mediums?

A little of everything! I work in both traditional and digital mediums, Robotics and coding, 3d design/CAD, 3d printing, and CNC machining.

Where can I buy some of your work?

In person at art galleries, comic con events, this website, or my Etsy store,

In recent years, I have been sent many "fake" websites claiming to sell my work. If something looks fishy, please report it to me using the contact page so I can hold the scam pages accountable.

Do you make video content or instructional tutorials?

Yes! My videos are all up on

Do you take commissions, or work for hire?

No, I do not take commissions or work for hire. I have no plans of re-opening custom work or commissions in the future.

I see you make some of your work using 3d printing. Will you share your files?

No. My files are my own original design and are exclusive to my own private servers. I have no plans of sharing my designs for download.

Are you published?

Yes! My books are available online or via major booksellers.

Where can I see your live shows?

Anywhere! I tour the USA regularly, but my shows are usually central to Oregon and Washington, along with parts of California. Stay tuned for upcoming event dates!

If I buy something from your store, can I use it for stage or film?

Of course! The one requirement is to credit "Ian Maday - GrayStar Innovations", and to email me a link to the film so I can show my support! If the design will be reproduced as merchandise, additional licensing may be required. Please contact for more info!

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