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Mk 6.4 Robotic Hand
- "Concept Series - A"

Now that my first robot arm is completely finished, that brings up the question of how to make the left hand. I could of course, just mirror the right, but the robot as a whole isn't exactly meant to look "human". So I thought, why not make something different, but would improve gripping capabilities for inconsistent shapes and spherical objects?


The struggle with building a robotic hand that mimics a human, is that human hands are obviously "squishy" and flexible, while robots are inherently more stiff, even with rubber parts. Which creates challenges in grabbing some objects.


So the plan, is to have a primary "gripping hand" and primary "gesture hand". This alternate design, uses the same amount of servos, and same finger pieces as the standard "LUXE" humanoid arm, it only requires printing three adaptive parts (and a second thumb assembly) to convert to the new design. And since it uses the same exact parts, just in a different configuration, not much about the programming or weight will change

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