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AUGMENT//V1 series wrist cuffs : this is a minimalist, compact and affordable design to augment any cosplay or armor rig!

*note - fingerless gloves not included, shown for photo composition only*

Tech Specs:
Size: One size (fully adjustable, see size chart for reference)
Battery: Rechargeable, USB cable included - battery holds approx 2+ hours of charge.
Material: Plastic, 3d print
Straps: non-slip elastic with buckles and strap adjuster, can be adjusted to be worn over clothing or any gloves!

- Solid glow or flash
- Bright LED lights with multiple colors to choose from (see options)

Includes USB Charge Cable


Available as a single or as a pair

AUGMENT//V1 LED Cyberpunk Gauntlets (Wrist Cuff Variant) - "Noir" Black on Black

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